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“Last summer, I had to face an uphill task of changing the windows, after it was being cracked by a group of thugs originating from my area. It was uphill and challenging because I had to come up with something that would be far more resilient and something that I won’t have to change as often. I did choose you, the Burton Contractors for the window replacement, and believe me that the glasses are not only sturdy and thick, but are much more ‘picturesque’ as well. I would definitely love to have other windows of my home replaced as well- just to improve my security prospects. It might sound a pocket-draining task, but no, thanks again, for presenting this awesome budget plan for multiple windows. ”

Ron Mike

“I have had troubles with my roofer and living in an area as wet as Mississippi could be tough for this particular aspect. However, the problem was finally resolved with me contacting you, and finally getting the best of the roofers, that proved too exceptional for all the weather elements. Something that every homeowner would crave for”

Kevin D’sousa

“Okay, to begin with, I must say that the quality of materials used is something way too exceptional. I’m saying this in specific because I know a sizeable deal about the raw materials used in the industry, and more often every time I have used any service, I was discounted with the room of improvement. However, this time, Burton Contractors were just way too professional with the roofer. From the beginning of their work to the extreme end of the roofing, the workers were determined to give the best touch possible. A great bundle of thanks, I love you, and I will always prefer your services! ”

Robert Doul

“It is a hell of a task to refurbish your house, especially from a roof repair perspective. However, there was a great sense of relief with the Burton contractors- I mean the way they handles all the engineering chores was out rightly phenomenal. I have yet to find a service as seamless as this, where the wants of customers are given a clear preference over the company’s own wants. I wish that they extend the scope of their service to other aspects too, so that I do not have to give a damn with other good for nothing services out there in the market. ”

Simon Kim

“I needed something that could re-spark my home. My budget was in extreme limitations, and I had little to play with because I have spent most of the budget in useless servicers for the past few years, whose work does not last even few years. This was the top of my concerns- the annoying lack of durability. I so wished that there was some sort of reassurance with regard to this, and then I found out about the Burton Contractors. The first thing they talked about themselves was the self-assurance with respect to the years-long guarantee. I wanted a vinyl siding, and they were ready to offer me 8 years long warranty on its service. This thing did entice me for other construction matters too, and I also had my roof repaired with them. Both the things proved extremely circumspect in relation to the cost, and I’m so glad that I do not have to give out anything in advance, which is the case with almost all other contractors offering the services. In addition, the time taken for the work was chiefly restricted too. Some contractors take a longer period of time, just to make sure that these piles up their balance. However, in this case, the work and the cost were pre-decided, even when it all first began. So, less than 10 days, and the things were almost done and dusted!”

Joe Hardy

“I’m a real novice when it comes to roofing companies and the related chores, but I’m so freaking thankful to the Burton contractors for being so accommodating to me and my family. They sent us their specialized, very friendly agents to our home and were the first ones to understand our budget complications and also the lack of knowledge. They did not take any unfair advantage of our lack of information on the matter, but made us feel entirely free to know up anything that would make us comfortable before the real work begins. And so it happened, we were assured of the good work even before the construction of the roofing began, and we also decided to have the roof repair in other rooms as well. This is the specialty of the Burton Contractors- you feel so livened up by their work in one place that you ultimately decide to have it in other places as well, even when it is not really called-for. I did have to increase up my budget, but to proportionally lesser extent- yea, I was offered discounts! There are certain deals which, I suppose should be preferred, because if not now, after some years you are going to have them reimbursed. So why not now! ”

Michael Brown

“I give it a whopping 10 out of 10. I wish that I would have taken your services 5 years back when I have to literally waste my 500 USD with so-called finest roofing contractors. Please, do keep on your good work for the next 1000 years, because humanity needs good companies like you. Profits do not seem to be your goal, but customer satisfaction could definitely be seen. Right from the first call to your office, to the final payment, and the after-services, your professionalism and the urge to cater customer satisfaction could be seen, which a very reliving note is for all the customers. Please, do continue to expand your services. I just wish that you people expand your scope to all the engineering services, so that I could hire your services for this home I’m constructing for my about-to-wed son! I’m so freaked out with the way these other companies perform, but then there is a beacon of hope with people like you. Your owner is a real humble and helpful human. So much love!!"

Jane S.

“To all the first-times, reading my testimonial, embrace yourself, for you are about to hear for the best, finest thing happened to the interior designing firm. From all the perspectives, this surely rocks the world. I’m not a novice, and have a great knack of know-how, so I could judge that the people they hire are the next-level gems. I’m in a loss of words for how they continued their work for hours and hours at my home, which just goes on to show their sheer determination to their work. I was kind of surprised that they do get the commission on the basis of time period, but they cared for everything but to increase their time on work to increase the commission. They knew that a few surges in commission here would be a thing incomparable to what the better final product would achieve in the form of customer satisfaction. Longer period at work annoys the consumer to an extreme, and this is what they know in the most effectual manner. In short, loved it!"

Mandy Sima

“Okay, this is my first testimonial for any site, and I’m so sure that this is going to be the most bona-fide too! LOL. On a very, very serious note, I’m so heavily moved by the way the Burton Contractors have come up to offering something that is always offered in lacking. I mean, we all crave for a good company, some good roofing contractors, but are usually disappointed by the manner they offer the prolonged working periods and to further disappoint, extremely short durability time. So, the best thing was to look out for a company that could give in a writing that your product is going to last, and last long, or till this specific period of time. Finally, I read about this Burton Contractor thing, and I was so very much pleased with the way they talked about the guarantee right when I began the deal. It just goes on to show the confidence level they have on their expertise and on their quality of work. I wish that we all have the services from companies like this which cares less for the profits part, but realize that winning the customer’s hears is the real profit they could ever achieve. "

S. Saris

"My daughter was to wed the very same month, and she just wished for a good shingles roofing in her room. We were absolutely running out of time, and had nothing really to look out for in most companies. All thanks to my cousin, that he appeared on the right time, advises us to go for the Burton Contractors. At first, it seemed a little odd to go for a company that is not public in nature, but later when they vowed to have the work done in the first fifteen days, I and my daughter were awe-stricken. This was a perfect mood-booster for a family event as this. However, we did have our reservations about the work to be completed, and the pace they picked up right from the beginning was something really phenomenal. They were so determined, that their lunch break was nothing more than 60 minutes. And mind me, the shingles was not the only thing we opted for, but there were some other minor chores as well. All in all, it proved to be a real smooth process, and we were also content with the cost. I must say, that I was prepared to give out anything, because the only objective of mine was to have it completed well within time, which was comfortably achieved (15 days- I had 20 days to play around). Still, we were not charged in excess, as this was their normal period of dealing tasks as this. All in all, we adored it- Thank you! My daughter is happily married, and she and her hubby love the roofing and all.”

Simon Ron

“I have a knack of making some real extensive research before I finally select any company- not anything serious, but just a practice I have been passed down by my dad. But when I chose you, I always knew that I’m going to make the finest of the decisions with so many aspects. First things first, I had no trouble whatsoever with the preceding that begins up the show. It went so smoothly I had to take no time at all. The agent was so kind that he himself traveled to my home in the timings that were easier to me, and not just this- there was a time when I was in the office, and I had to finalize the deal in no time due to the upcoming event. My one phone call did the trick- the agent was at my office, in no time. The same went at the time of payment. I’m usually very uncomfortable with the online payments, and sometimes have incurred problems with it. I presented my concern to the Burton contractors, and they were pretty open to such problems. I found it great to know that there are other people too that faces problems like me. Well, so I was offered to use the cash facility. Now, the other concern was to transfer the cash safely, and what excited me was that the agent was on my doorsteps again! It solved half of my problem (the agent), and the rest was solved by your contractors and workers who were up and running, and reached each morning on the time for the fitting of exterior metal siding. The entire work was completed in less than 3 days, and they managed it all in a way that I do not have to prevent guests coming to my house, and be in the same room ( I have too many guests, business ones, coming all throughout the week). So, it was terrific experience- just how I wanted it to be!”

Roma Singh

“I’m so much impressed by the way you have done my aluminum siding! I am usually not satisfied with such works pretty easily, so yea, you did a great deal of work to find a great deal of applause from my side. I just wished that I could find a contractor like you who would know all about the recent trends of the interior designing. Being an interior designer I, my expectations in a work as such as this always surges up to very extremes. It would be the best thing for me to find a mind that takes the interior designing norms as seriously as me, so that there is no collusion between us. But you people were simply outstanding. For you, it was not just another piece of work, but a complete object of deal with me, and the way your workers had shown great admiration for interior designing- I’m at a loss of words! So, I’m sure, you would be the first thing to strike my mind whenever I want to have a similar sort of work. And oh please, for heaven’s sake, expand the services, so that you will be the first thing to call you for every chore I need! Ha!”

Ms. Rogers

“ Whoa, I’m up or my first ever testimonial, and there are some strong reasons which made me do so. I did know of your company for past few months, and your first impression really made me wanting to have your services. At that point, I have really nothing to have it worked upon. I was really glad when finally I have to have the wood siding repaired. The entire scale of work was to be done by the contractor, because I’m not good at stuff as this. I’m so pleased that you got me just the best of the agents, who understood my limitations so well. There were some points when I have to literally ask for the nuts and bolts involved in the task, and he was so content to brief me with anything that he could. And, it was for free! So I did not only have the work done, but also got some real interesting piece of information, which I would never ever have learned otherwise. Plus, the best thing was that my home was not ‘conquered’, and the usual norms were carried out in the same manner all throughout the work. I liked the way the labors were keen to finish off the work at time. Very punctual as well. The entire work was completed in two outings, on two days consistently. The tools etc were provided by the company, so I don’t have to be bothered for anything except to be home when the work was to be done. All in all, I give it full marks on exceptional service! ”

Seema Qureshi

“I have always wanted to have my homes reimbursed by the genuine interior designers. I hate the idea why so many people go for the contractors that just aim to fetch up the large sums of money, without really giving their job a real attention and value. The best thing about your work is that you master the art of interior designing at its best. The workers are equipped with the knowledge of how to tackle with the recent problems in the interior designing aspect. They really attained my appreciation for way they made my life easier, by not just allowing me to have the finest work, but also be busy with my usual business chores while they did their work. I took the pictures of the windows and all the frames, and uploaded them on the face book right away- and damn the flood of likes and comments poured in. And no, do not worry, I told them about you, right away! You are the best thing one could advertise about. Please, make your services available in the countries like Tasmania and Bulgaria- I have my families over there, and they can’t miss something as awesome as the Burton contractors. ”

Mohammed Ishaaq

"Okay, I usually avoid having to get the services from private contractors, but your services changed my perception in once and all. I hate to say that I have changed my views, and would look forward to have other window repair as well. This is being said, because I’m highly satisfied with what you have presented in the first room. The windows do not have any real problem with the handles, and the locks are on the extreme corner as well, which means the view gets absolutely natural and clear. I also like the quality of the glass used which gets exceedingly shiny in the case of raining, which is a normal feature here in Vegas,”

Ervin S

“For me, replacement windows were always a secondary thing to go for. I always opted for alternates. However, I did manage my budget and contacted you for the replacement, and my word- it was the finest work of contract I have ever seen. The new windows look absolutely compact with neatly stacked on the wall. It has the basic component of extra locks and folds which could allow you to have different levels of light passing onto your room. In other words, you people have analyzed the climatic conditions of California so better, that I could have the perfect windows for all the parts of days, in all the seasons. This is something a dream comes true, because previously I often chose to keep the windows closed all throughout the day, and hence depriving my house and children of essential sunlight. No more and I’m glad that I found about your services. Please, do continue with your good work in the engineering circles- and not only in our country, but its companies like you that should be very much the part of global scene! ”

Sean Kingston
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